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Our manufacturing unit is installed with state of the art machinery to manufacture high-grade rules with precision. Our units have automated production lines installed with Slitting, Hardening and Tempering, Shaving and Edge Hardening line facilities to convert the raw material into Steel Cutting and Creasing Rules. These In-house facilities enable us to maintain tight control over the quality of the final Steel Cutting Rule. We have a fully equipped Tool Room comprising C.N.C. Lathe and Milling Machines, Grinding machine etc. and a Metallurgical Lab to support the primary production activity.

We are pioneers in India in manufacturing Barred Blankets used for Web Offset Machines. Our trained manpower possesses the technical know-how to cater to the different needs of the Packaging, Die making, and Web offset Printing industries

We strive towards continuous improvement. Opting and using these advanced production technologies allows us to deliver the best experience to our clients.


The raw mother coils are slit to desired widths. We have spacers and a set of Slitting cutters to slit mother coils in slit widths of 5 mm, 18 mm up to 50 mm. The slitting line can slit 300 tons of raw material per month.


The slit coils are Hardened and Tempered to give the raw strips desired hardness, bendability and other required properties to the Steel Cutting Creasing Rules. The Continuous Hardening and Tempering line is designed to deliver a Bainitic microstructure for maximum bendability at the desired hardness of the steel cutting rules. The H & T Line is energy efficient to reduce the carbon footprint. We perform this operation inert atmospheric conditions with the purging of positive pressure Nitrogen to retain the quality of the raw materials and reduce wastage.


The shaving line is a multi-axis servo-controlled device to deliver the unmatched dimensional consistency of Cutting and creasing rules. We have an online Laser dimension monitoring system to ascertain perfect dimensional accuracy. All production lines are SCADA controlled to monitor the plant working parameters online with data logging.


Our unit has the latest state-of-the-art Laser Edge Hardening line to deliver perfect tip hardening of the cutting rule. This hardening line gives us the flexibility to control the depth of hardness at Tip of the cutting edge. This reduces the tip edge cracking even at hardness above 58 HRC.